About Us

About Us:

The Easy Access Transport System (EATS) was created by our team of Wethersfield High School students in late 2008 during the National Engineering Design Challenge. The goal of this Junior Engineering Technical Society (JETS) sponsored event was to create something that would benefit the lives of people with disabilities.

After researching current storage options for wheelchair users, our team found that no product provided the user with the same storage capacity of a backpack and the accessibility they required. That's where our EATS design was formed, consisting of a rotatable arm that swings a backpack or purse to the side of a wheelchair for easy access, and keeps it locked unobtrusively in the back of the chair while moving.

Our design met great success, and out of the hundreds of teams participating, we were one of the five finalists chosen to be flown to Washington D.C. We were awarded a National Finalist Award as well as an award for the Best Presentation.

We are currently involved in the Invent Your World campaign and are continuing to develop the EATS with both their support and that of our community. We as a team strongly believe in the capabilities and future of the EATS, and we're all committed to bringing a fully developed EATS to the people that need it.